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Join us for A Local Pacific Northwest Evening. Enjoy a buffet dinner, live music, and a glimpse into the history and culture of the PNW!

Saturday, June 10 


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We've partnered with the Friends of Fort Vancouver to come up with a buffet menu inspired by dishes from the past that are refined by the present. Enjoy Elk Sausage, Pan fried Razor Clams, Wild Columbia River Salmon, and Foraged Mushroom Bruschetta. But wait there's more......

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The Oregon Trail Trio will be showcasing their immense talent right after the buffet portion of the event for a historically informative concert. The trio sings, plays instruments of the era, and shares quotes from historical documents and diaries as well as anecdotes both historical and musical. They play a wide variety of familiar and rare instruments including hammer dulcimer, violin, guitar, banjo, flageolet, tuba, tenor horn, walking stick recorder, pennywhistle and serpent.


  • Chilled minted pea soup- crème fraiche, candied pork belly

  • Hearty Nestucca Bay Clams and Onion Stew

  • Portland French Rustic local breads

  • Dandelion, spinach salad with seascape strawberries, hazelnuts, Honey Cider vinaigrette, Green Goddess dressing

  • Northwest Rock fish and chips- Panko crust, fried russet potatoes, aioli

  • Foraged Mushroom bruschetta

Main Event

  • Whole Roasted Wild Columbia River Salmon with roasted Yukon Gold potatoes, Piri Piri sauce

  • Roasted Carlton Farms Suckling pig- steamed rice-braised Kale

  • Elk Sausage with roasted peppers and sweet onions

  • Pan fried Razo Clams, paprika dill remoulade


  • Fire Roasted vegetables- Beets- Corn, Parsnips, Rutabagas, Carrots- fresh herbs, black Garlic

  • Old World Mac and Cheese, Gemelli pasta, Oregon Rock shrimp and Spinach

  • Creamery Mac and Cheese aged cheddar, Gouda, and curds

  • Grilled Rassmussen Asparagus Wilcox Farms Hollandaise, preserved Lemon, cracked black pepper

A portion of our event space for this fun evening will also include a marketplace featuring Indigenous artists showcasing representations of their unique skill and expertise. The marketplace will also spotlight a selection of local beer and wine vendors for you to sample and enjoy all while taking in amazing views of the Columbia River.


$57 per guest (Children 5-12 are $25, Children 4 and under are free)

You can also call 503.283.4466 and select 0

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Lillian Pitt
Jantzen Beach Bar & Grill Chef


Working with the National Park Service, the Friends sponsor interpretive activities & authors' events reflective of the heritage of this site: Native American, fur trade, Native Hawaiian, military history, American settlement, and public lands. 




Lillian Pitt is a Pacific Northwest Native American artist whose ancestors lived in and near the Columbia River Gorge. The focus of her work is on creating contemporary fine art pieces that delight today’s art lovers, and at the same time, honor the history and legends of her people.



My name is Mary Lee (Gardipe) McCrary. I was born and raised in Portland, OR. I am Salish and Kootenai; a tribal member of the Flathead Nation. My grandfather Barnard Garpipe sent to boarding schools. Later he was in the relocation program for Indians and moved his family to Vanport, OR to work as a boilermaker in the World War II shipyards building Kaiser ships.


My father was born in Vanport in 1944 and his family survived the Vanport Flood in 1948. I am my grandmother’s greatest achievement – her name was Viola Firstshoot, and she was raised at the Blackfoot Agency in Montana. She passed away just months before I was born.

My grandparents may have met in a boarding school for Indian children; they were lucky to have survived. My mother was from Flagstaff, North Dakota. She was of Scandinavian descent.  


I have been crafting my entire life with a love of beading and leatherwork. I am self-taught, learning to bead at 14. I feel deeply inspired by my Native American heritage and my family.


My Name is Rena Smith. I am a Chickasaw artist.
I love being a Native American artist so I can release my energy from being Chickasaw into my art.


All my Artwork has a connection to my heritage. I feel this is an essential part of myself so it will reflect in my work.

When I start a new piece of work it starts with a thought from being  outside then I rethink it over, and then it goes down on paper. I might not know exactly how this will end but somehow it all comes together in the end. When I am finished, I look back and see the journey and what it has brought meaning to – the art piece and myself.

Being Chickasaw has brought many gifts for myself – one is my Art. I got a chance to study moccasin making under a Chickasaw Elder in Tishomingo,
Oklahoma, then, I have never looked back. I started to enter the art shows in Tishomingo to give back to our people.

My Art work consists of traditional Moccasins and traditional clothing, finger and weaving. When doing my Art, I will make it a small part myself incorporated into the piece. I know my Art and being Chickasaw has
enriched my life.

-Rena Smith

Jolene A. Pitt

Jolene A. Pitt grew up with artists, bead workers, designers of traditional regalia surrounding her. Her sister and mother made jewelry to sell in the local vacation resort. Her aunty made ceramic art that showcased beaded adornment. Her grandmother showed her amazing, beaded family heirlooms. Jolene sold her beaded earrings directly to her customers and for years she made necklaces to help with family ceremonial giveaways. They are unique and when she makes the necklaces, she thinks of the stories she has heard through her life. She descends from Clatsop, Wasco, Yakama Nation, and Warm Springs tribes. 


Welcome to Portland, Oregon the land of great fishing, microbrew beers, local berries, world famous mushrooms and what some consider the best foods in America. As a European trained chef, now residing in Oregon the call of the local food scene brought me here some 20 years ago. The Pacific Northwest is abundant with all types of local specialties including salmon and Dungeness crab just to name a few. 


-Chef Bryan Siegel


Opened in 2001, Ice Cream Renaissance was the first small batch homemade ice cream shop in the area. Today it is owned by Julianne Bucklin and Brandon Angelo who, along with the ICR Team, strive to create a spot for guests who are looking to walk into a place where they can hang out, have fun and enjoy classic and creative dessert options. Having alternative options for dietary needs is important to our guests, we offer different options for those people who prefer to go dairy and gluten free.



Established in 1920, Packer Orchards is a 4th generation sustainable family farm, farming over 100 acres across the Hood River Valley. Nestled between Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams, Packer Orchards has become a destination farm offering seasonal fruit, homemade bakery, and pumpkins in the fall! 


VENUE - Holiday Inn Portland Columbia Riverfront

Overlooking the Columbia River in our Mount Saint Helens Ballroom

View of Columbia River


Combine the evening with a staycation in our stunning, renovated guestrooms.

Save 15% off our best available rate as an event attendee. 

holiday inn portland columbia riverfront guestroom




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